Advertising and Sponsorship for Free Apps - looking for feedback

Advertising and Sponsorship for Free Apps - looking for feedback

Hi: I was wondering what developers think about In-App Advertising, and or "pre-roll" Ad sponsorships of Free Apps - as a way of generating $'s. Is this something that would be interesting, if it was available as a componet for Apps to use as needed? Jeff
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In app advertising in AppUp will surely be a great way for us developers to monetize our efforts. We are all looking forward to the next release of the ATOM SDK / AppUp to see what new features have been added (perhaps more regarding advertising/banners). Keep your eye on IDF, coming up in September as I am sure there will be a few exciting announcements.

Thanks Brian, Rooven - I'm curious as well if other developers see this as a valuable thing - and maybe even thoughts on how they would really engage it in their apps.

Kind regards,


Hello Brian!

According to Roovens previous post in-app advertisements are allowed currently. However, your post seems to contradict that. Could you elaborate on what's currently available?


My remark was in reference to in application marketing being supported in the AppUp SDK by way of SDK methods. While you may insert compliant banner ads currently, there are no SDK facilities to provide banner rotation, click through metrics, etc at this time.

Hi Jeff,

In-App advertising can be used on applications developed on for the Intel® Atom™ Developer Program however there sre some limitations. For example you are not allowed to use advertisement on your applications that will take users to external sites where they can buy/download applications that are not on the Intel® AppUp(SM) Center.

Please find more details on the restrictions on the following link:


Intel Technical Support
Intel® Atom™ Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) Center

DG Rooven

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