Using Components?

Using Components?

Hello i want to know about using Components "is it Mandatory to use components in application or not ? pls let me know Thanks Master Eng pro
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Master Eng pro,

It is not a requirement to utilize a component in your app or game. Components are a means to provide functionality you may need, without having to invest the time to develop the functionality. I see a great opportunity here, although there is no rule stating you must use them.

Thanks for helpful update
one more clarification if you pls" is C++ CLR Windows Form Application acceptable in iadp?"

Thanks in Advance.

Master Eng pro

Master Eng pro,

The .NET run-time is not currently supported by Intel. It may be coming in the future, so please keep any eye on this page:

That being said, your application may pass validation using C++ CLR if you adhere to the Validation Guidelines ( This is a risk, however I can tell you there are many .NET applications which have been successful to date. If you have any questions I am happy to assist.

Hi Brian
Thanks for information
Would you pls clarify on that " In a different post it was said that "all libraries are welcome"CLR Mfc etc.." so what is the difference between using dll or an application directly.

Master Eng pro,

I believe that what confuses most, is the a difference in "supported by Intel", versus "will be accepted if it passes the validation guidelines". For the later case, it is the developer community here that will offer support for alternate programing languages, IDE's and packaging methods.

Currently CLR (.NET) is not supported by Intel. That being said, if you create a CLR submission and it conforms to the packaging and validation guidelines it will be allowed into AppUp.

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