Apps in AppUp - O/S Specific Only?

Apps in AppUp - O/S Specific Only?

Just installed Moblin to check out AppUp apps. I'm wondering if the ones I see on Moblin are the same as the ones I'd see on Windows? Or, does a specific app have to be created specifically for Moblin or Windows, individually?
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The applications you see in your AppUp client are those specifically written for your operating system. In your case, AppUp will not display Windows XP/7 applications. When you submit an application or game to AppUp, you may specify the appropriate platform. You may publish the same submission for multiple operating systems.

Are there major changes needed to be made for publishing to multiple operating systems? - If not, why aren't app's universal across Windows 7/XP / Moblin systems?


I'd been under the impression that the AppUp program was also to provide compatibility across the two Intel Atom operating systems - Windows / Moblin.

Hi Yosun,

As far as I know, when you are submitting an app via our submission process, you can choose multiple operating system. For the moment you can only choose Windows 7 and Windows XP during one submission as they use the same package.
If you are submitting an app for Moblin, you need to do a new separate submission and submit it. The Moblin app may be having the same exact code as the windows version of the app, however since it is packaged differently (DEB or RPM) you cannot submit it in one submission with the Windows Version.

On the AppUp(SM) Center, when you log-in, you will only see applications relevant to your operating system. If an application is available in both Moblin and Windows, if you log-in to Windows you will only see the Windows version.


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One reason that you do not see every app on all 3 operating systems is that not all code is portable from one OS to another. While some game engines (Unity for example) provide for easy recompiling to different operating systems the code base for most application are not as flexible. It is not a requirement that your submission be available for all operating systems, although you will monetize your efforts faster if it is. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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