BlitzBasic Engine ?

BlitzBasic Engine ?

I am an account manager dealing with European developers for intel. I have recently been in contact with a developer who uses a Finnish BiltzBasic Engine and and wants to know if it is definately not possible to use the SDK. Is this situation a no-go for the IntelApp ? Any advice much appreciated.
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if You mean by "BlitzBasic Engine" Blitz3D SDK,the answer is i Know Blitz3D SDK Supports C++,so there will no Problems integrating it
With The IADP SDK.if you mean The Basic Language itself (BlitzBasic) The answer is also yes ,But Through a wrapper.BlitzBasic Supports Loading
Win32 DLL using it's built in Function "LoadLibraryA".

Thank you for the input.

As mg85 stated, it is possible to use it with the ATOM SDK. Almost any language or library can be made to work with the ATOM SDK, however you will want to ensure that the completed project conforms to the Validation Guidelines for here:

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