An app that needs testing by the user

An app that needs testing by the user

Hello everyone, I would like some clarification on the store guidelines / rules concerning paid and free apps. My developer has an app currently available on his website for download that expires after 45 days use then if the user wants to keep the app they pay for the liscence key and recieve the app back. The developer wants to work with the store however feels it is complicated to change his software to another method of payment. It is also important due to the nature of the software for the user to have this time to use the software and decide wether they like it as it costs around $30. I suspect after trawling through the Validation guidelines that he would have to make a version available with immediate payment and the only free trial period available would be the 24hr money back Intel AppUP Offer ? Due to his limited time and available resources for this he feels at this point it is more logical for him to make the app available as a free download through AppUp, and then direct users back to his website after the 45 day trial period to then purchase the license key. Would this be allowed? In advance, thank you for your consideration on this, Colin.
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Hi Colin,

Demo and trial versions of the application can not be used to market versions available outside of AppUp. However, there is no issue with having a free and paid version of the same application on AppUp. Please see and

Also, a good thread on this is here:

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In your case, the free version could remind the user to go to the AppUp client and download the paid version. Once the AppUp store is out of beta there should be absolute links that would take a user to your products web page on the AppUp website.

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