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Unity SDK

Hi Guys, I heard Renee James talking at the IDF in San Fransico, she mentioned intel were working with Unity on a SDK. When will this be available to Developers? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Allan
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the tool they offer is only for Unity Pro and, is there maybe a wrapper we could use or any new info on the SDK?


Do you use Unity now? Bakno has created a wrapper to allow Unity apps to be submitted to AppUp. Alternatively you can create your own fairly easily. Please let me know if you need any assistance with that.

Thanks Brian,

I'll have a look at Bakno and will get back to you on creating one. Cheers for the info, and the offer of help.

No problem. I have been working on an interesting project in Unity so I will need to put together a wrapper eventually as well.

Hi Brian, you mentioned that you've created the AppUp wrappers for Unity, and that it's pretty easy to create.. Could you post them - and do they work with Unity 3.4? Thanks

So, I'm using Unity3D 3.3.0f4 and I tried to use bakno's Intel AppUp Wrapper, but it's accusing that the Intel's Client is not available!

Somebody knows what is happening?


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