Application Authorization Error

Application Authorization Error

Hello I have successfully build the Sample Proiveded in CLR.Net AppUP Sdk and also Authorized but when Started MY Application with Debug GUID the Application debuger displays As follows ----------------------------------------------------- Application Service Status Request: SDK Version= 1.0; API Level=2 Application Service Status Response: Compatible Application Authorization Request: SDK Version= 1.0; ApplicationUUID =CA7AB029-280E-4F53-B00F-69BA5195B8FF Authorizing... Application Authorization Response: Not Authorized ------------------------------------------------------------ i have also referenced the "lib" path and file properly so pls let me know how to fix it. Thanks
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You are most welcome, best of luck.

Hello Brian,

i had an authorization problem with my application. when ever i use the, application was authorized. but when i use my ApplicationUID(from intel) application not authorized. here am giving you the sample code. please tell me the issue in my code.

public class TicTacToeGame extends Application {

public TicTacToeGame(ApplicationId id) throws InitializationException,
UnauthorizedException, AdpRuntimeException {

public static void main(String[] args) {

TicTacToeGame tictactoe = null;

try {

tictactoe = new TicTacToeGame(new ApplicationId(0x12AF696F,0x6CE34E03,0x9265F1B2,0xD94F0EF0));

catch (InitializationException e) {



catch (UnauthorizedException e) {



catch (AdpRuntimeException e) {



if(tictactoe != null)


@Arun V V your app could't be authorized with IADP debugger using real GUID. To test your app authorization use Debug GUID.

Here is a hint

tictactoe = new TicTacToeGame(new ApplicationId(0x11111111,0x11111111,0x11111111,0x11111111));
tictactoe = new TicTacToeGame(new ApplicationId(0x12AF696F,0x6CE34E03,0x9265F1B2,0xD94F0EF0));

hello dmitry-rizshkov

thanks. but why my app could't be authorized with IADP debugger using real GUID. when i use Debug GUID(0x11111111,0x11111111,0x11111111,0x11111111) it is showing authorized. but when i use my real GUID(0x12AF696F,0x6CE34E03,0x9265F1B2,0xD94F0EF0) is is not authorized. please help me.......

Don't care about this. Just make sure your real GUID is included to your release before submission.

Master-Eng -Pro,

This portion of the output:

"ApplicationUUID =CA7AB029-280E-4F53-B00F-69BA5195B8FF"

Indicates that the GUID being passed into the authorization method is not the AppUp SDK provided Debug GUID. Please change the passed GUID to the Debug GUID and it will work correctly.

Hello Brian
Thanks for your helpful update but let me give you the process how i passed this guid which i got from intel web portal the guid is here
"0xCA7AB029,0x280E4F53,0xB00F69BA,0x5195B8FF" <----- this Guid was generated when i started an application recently

i have copied it into the Authorization code this way
public Form1()


AdpApplication app = new AdpApplication(new AdpApplicationId(0xCA7AB029, 0x280E4F53, 0xB00F69BA, 0x5195B8FF));
/// Note: replace "0x11111111, 0x11111111, 0x11111111, 0x11111111" with the actual application ID
/// once you obtain it from Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program web portal
/// To test Expired ID, use AdpConstants.ADP_EXPIRED_APPLICATIONID

I am sorry for taking your time but my work will be delayed if this not solved pls let me know the fix or what exactly is needed
is there any thing wrong in the above authorization code entry pls clarify


Master-Eng -Pro,

In order to test your application locally, you must use the debug GUID which is: 0x11111111, 0x11111111, 0x11111111, 0x11111111

Once that is in place, your application will authorize locally when used with the AppUp Debugger.

When you are ready to submit your application to the AppUp store using the Dashboard(, you will need to re-build your binary and MSI using your assigned GUID (0xCA7AB029,0x280E4F53,0xB00F69BA,0x5195B8FF).

Please let me know if this solves the dilemma.

Hello Brian
Thanks a lot for all that time taken i am happy that every thing is ok now i can submit the applicatuon

thats very good work Brian for useful update.



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