attempting screenshot addition ?

attempting screenshot addition ?

Hi there, Troubles with screenshots we also have problem with screenshots, every time we upload them we get the foll message: * MainForm.jpg could not be updated. * Burn-DVD.jpg could not be updated. * Preset_editor.jpg could not be updated. * Join.jpg could not be updated. * Limit-file-size.jpg could not be updated. Even we I submit 820x480 file, it can't be updated ?
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What browser are you using? Have you tried changing the file names prior to uploading?

no luck; i tried differnt names, browsers, formats. can the problem be in the dimension? our screenshots are 820*518

Hi Colin,

Yes the screenshots have to be the exact dimensions:
Screenshots must be 820 x 480 pixels. It must be a .gif, .jpg, or .png file

Other formats will be rejected.


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I tip for creating 820 x 480 images easily. Simply download Paint.NET (or any good image editor), open your image and resize to 820 x 480 or smaller (constrain proportions). Then change your background to white (or another complimentary color) and resize the canvas, then save as png. Best of luck.

Excellent thank you everyone this issue is resolved, it worked a treat thank you for the help.

As always quick and effective.


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