Supported Operating systems are incorrect

Supported Operating systems are incorrect

The "Supported Operating Systems" for my game are incorrect here: I just checked my dashboard and it is correct there. My game does not support Moblin to my knowledge. Is it possible that it was validated on that system as well? EDIT: I just checked my two other published games and they say the same...
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You may go to your Dashboard and edit the meta data to exclude Moblin. It may take some time to be reflected on the AppUp website as this may cause your submission into Meta Validation status.

It is not possible for an MSI (Windows Installer) to pass the Moblin validation process.

Hi baxslash,

As Brian said this is not even possible. A Moblin submission would have to have a different name than your windows app. I will check into it.

Hal G.
Technical Support Team
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"You may go to your Dashboard and edit the meta data to exclude Moblin." - The dashboard and my submission excluded Moblin, I believe this is purely an error on the AppUp web site.

There are a number of errors creaping into the main AppUp site when games are published by the look of things. I've logged another where my images and icon are not shown. I would guess the people maintaining the site are having trouble keeping up with the number of submissions?

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