.net reliant

.net reliant

Hello, can anyone suggest something for this companies problem: our programs require .Net 4.0 Client Profile for functioning, one of your requirements says that there should be no actions from users' part. In regular installation process, the user confirms .Net installation, if (s)he doesn't have it on PC. What's the solution?
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What you may be able to do is create a stub exe built using .NET 3.5 which checks the version of .NET installed upon startup of the program. This stub could direct the user to install the .NET 4.0 runtime from a local redistributable on disk. Care would need to be taken to ensure the primary exe is protected by the AppUp SDK.

If the app receives an error message -1 (just a general error I think) after full app install but before launch whilst beta testing does this mean a problem with the application or the AppUp client ?

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