Application keys

Application keys

Intel AppUp® center supports applications submitted with product keys. With our current policy you need THIRTY-FIVE (35) product keys in order to validate your application and at least ONE (1) additional key so that the app remains published in the store. However, we suggest adding product keys to a level that creates a comfortable buffer to ensure you don’t run out of keys. You can submit up to 1,000 product keys. Your app will be automatically unpublished when its keys fall below ONE (1) key and will be republished once you upload more. 

E-mail alerts: You will receive an email warning when you have just FIFTY (50) keys left. When the number of product keys has dropped to ONE (1) you will get a notification requesting that you load additional keys. If the number of keys drops to ZERO (0) your app is unpublished. 

Learn more about how to manage your application keys in this article
Please feel free to post your question in this forum thread if you have any doubts about the product key policy.
See also: Validation Guidelines

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Do i need to build in my own code license system in the application? Then generate a list to send to intel app up?
My current licensing system uses a unique software code which the end-user MUST send first to obtain his license:

-1 user generates unique software code
-2 send the code to developer
-3 developer sends liberation key

This is different then sending a list of keys which anyone can use.

What do i need to do for my application? Are there more resources available to read what an application must support to generate and accepting the keys?

Yes, you need to build your own license system into your app and then create the list of keys/license. You will upload those keys to Intel. We only host the keys, which means we just give keys to end users after they purchase.
Please read this tutorial:

Email if you need more help:


I've reviewed the Application Keys functionality, an extended protection, and it doesn't cover what we need for our software.

We are looking for marketing campaings.

Protection is very much appreciated, but we were thinking about discount codes or coupons.

We want to issue promotional copies for free of our software, by publishing or sending the coupon codes directly to potential customers.

The application at the store should remain the same, but the store should allow to enter a discount code to be able to download the software for free (or with a certain % off).

So, ideally coupon code definition could include something like:


- % of discount

- Amount of uses

- Valid date range of use


As for the full functionality, it could include marketing campaings, being able to create them, define coupon codes and track its effectivity.

@Hernan, Norman, I don't know if there are plans regarding this concept, but please could you transmit this idea to the right Intel team?

It would add more flexibility to the store sales and provide new ways of promoting the software being sold.

Many thanks,




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