Where to find unpublished Blog Article?

Where to find unpublished Blog Article?


Can anyone tell me where to find the unpublished blog article. Have recently created an artilcle which was submitted for review but till now it is not been published and I can't find that in draft. Need to find the article and also would like to know the new rule for publishing the article in Blog.

It looks like that whenever we submit an article it is been send for approval and till that article is approve it can't be viewed even by the author himself (at least in my case), now there were two article written but since that article were time based announcement with information it is no use of now. It was complete waste of time to write the article and to try and published that in Blog site.

Will appreciate if anyone can help me with the new rule and how /where to find the unpublished article.

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This just happened to me, too. Kind of confusing.  But, you can find any articles that you have written (Published or Draft) if you go to your Dashboard (top right) and then click on "My Content" (under the "My Profile" tab).

Same problem i faced. I also made one article about software development and have to submitted but till now it's in pending status.


David Kroj

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