Creating an organisation and EIN number

Creating an organisation and EIN number


 I have a few question regarding setting up an organisation and tax information. I signed up as an individual, and submitted a free app, back when AppUp was first introduced. However, it no longer seems possible to create a new organisation from the dashboard. When I try and create a new one, it just takes me to my current profile page. Do I simply update this with the new details (which won't  be an individual account, but a company one) and replace my older one?

Also, some other App Stores have been updated and no longer require an ITIN/EIN number (I'm based in the UK) to prevent tax being withheld in the US. The only Tax FAQ I found was updated back in 2010. Have there been any updates since then that doesn't require UK developers to obtain an EIN number or do developers still need to go through the process of obtaining an EIN and filling out the relevant forms?



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