App Submission Process

App Submission Process

I am unable to figure out the app submission process. I completed :

- Software profiles ( have no idea what it is and why it is neeed)

- Product listing (I can't figure out what link I'm supposed to provide for the "download now" and "buy" buttons, isn't this a store ? shouldn't intel take care of this ? )

And so far I have not seen where I should have been submitting my exe, package, zip archive anything ?

The status is submitted but not published and it says it has to be reviewd, but why doesn't the status say "Waiting for Review" ? I have no idea if I need to complete another step, if I should just wait or if I just haven't found the right link to submit apps. The resources links just sends me in circles. Whenever I click the "sell apps" or "submit apps" it just gets me back to "software profiles" which I have no idea what are they for anyway. Could this be made easier ? I mean seriously, I'm a licensed iOS and Android developer and I have never seen anything more awkward to understand than this store.

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