Website Horribly Slow - Dashboard fails to load

Website Horribly Slow - Dashboard fails to load

Typically I wouldn't say anything about this, but I've been using the Developer Dashboard for a couple of months now and it is consistently very very slow to load and about 90% of the time it fails to load my applications that I've submitted. This is consistent across Chrome and IE10. I have never been able to come to the site and have it load in a reasonable amount of time, meaning I have to wait 3 + minutes to just see the dashboard without my apps.

I have a 30mbps connection and no other part of or any other website give me problems. Just the Dashboard, AppUp tab, and when it the drop down is on applications.

Intel, please fix.

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I agree. For me this has been slow for a couple of years. I have offered to help fix it since making solutions fast is my specialty.

I would recommend they look at access logs that have extended fields for response time to track this down to the layer this might be a problem at. Most likely related to poor SQL or using a slow drive system assuming they are using fast processors. They can also use IE Watch or YSlow for FF to see if if it mighr be a system serving up images. Also, what could be the problem is the App Server and Database Server might be located in different data centers. Or they did not use Prepared Statements ect.

Good Luck Intel.

My Web site if you need help is:

This is Tony Anecito.

My SaaS has sub-millisecond response times as recorded at the Apache Web Access logs and that includes access from the database. So I know how to speed solutions up.

Oh yeah I am using the Intel Sandy Bridge 12 logical core processor with quad channel 1600 memory and 64-bit OS with 64-bit Java :-)

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