OpenGL texture issues on Win10 (Iris 6100, HD 4400)

OpenGL texture issues on Win10 (Iris 6100, HD 4400)

I have a user reporting that his Cintiq Companion 2 is having issue with Expresii (v.2015/11/07

System Setup Information:


System Used: Wacom Co.,Ltd Cintiq Companion 2 142016740000019
CPU SKU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5557U CPU @ 3.10GHz (4 Logical Cores)
GPU SKU: Intel(R) Iris(TM) Graphics 6100 @ OpenGL 4.4.0 - Build
Graphics Driver Version:Build

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro
OS Version: 6.2
Occurs on non-Intel GPUs?: No

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Download & Install Expresii Full Public Beta from
2. Right click on Expresii's icon and check Compatibility-> 'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings'. This may not be necessary, but that's what he did.
3. Run Expresii
4. Zoom in by mouse wheel (to get a closer view of the paper texture)

Expected Results:

Should see a nice virtual paper rendered on screen like this:


Actual Results:

Seeing artifact in rendering of the virtual paper, as if the chunks of the paper texture is not accessible. 


Additional Information:

Previously when he didn't check 'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings', he got this:

which is also a wrong rendering of the virtual paper. He said he did an update to Intel's driver between the two reports, but I don;'t have a hold of his previous driver version number.

I never see these two situations on all my machines with Win7, Win8.1 or Win 10, but these machines are not using an intel GPU as new as the iris 6100. Please see if you can help. Thank you!

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Hi Nelson,

I have talked to our OpenGL driver team and they will investigate this issue. I will let you know what we find out.


Hi Nelson,

This issue if fixed, turns out the root cause was similiar to another issue we were working on and that fix also resolves this issue. The next 15.40 driver release will have the fix you need.


Awesome! Thanks!

Hi again. I just got anther user reporting similar issues:

OS: Windows 10 Home (6.2) 
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4510U CPU @ 2.00GHz (4 Logical Cores)
GPU: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400 @ OpenGL 4.3.0 - Build
Software: Expresii (v.2016/01/03) (please download again or update the app to get a recent version)

This user didn't do any DPI scaling. The issues:
1. There are strips of "broken texture" as shown in the attached images, which is similar to the earlier case reported above. 
2. Once he clicked on the Eraser tool, some of the content is gone (like in the attached image going from the smiling face to the other mostly blank image).

I never see these happening on all the machines that I have. Appreciate it if you can see if this is actually a bug in your driver. Thanks for your attention.



Hi Nelson,

Interesting, graphics driver 4331 was the one we verified the fix to the initial issue with. I am talking to the team and we will take a look at this.


So I acquired a new machine with a z8700, on which I also encountered the 'broken texture' bug first-hand. Since I have the machine with me, I was able to track down the cause being: a texture was updated by copying from a pbuffer, and immediately afterward I reduce the dimensions of the pbuffer to conserve memory. The texture would become corrupted, as if the copy wasn't done yet before the pbuffer is resized.

Now I simply skipped the pbuffer resize, and the bug is gone, at least on my z8700. The latest version of my app Expresii (2016-02-03) has this change.

I wait to see if any more user complain about this bug again and hopefully this piece of information can help someone.




Hi Nelson,

Thanks for the additional info, I have passed it along and will update you when I know something.


Hi Nelson,

We are not seeing the issue with the latest driver and Expresii 2016-02-22 version. We loaded the program 20 times and no texture issue occurred. Do you have a version of the software or can you send a sample so we can reproduce the bug?





Michael C. (Intel) wrote:

We are not seeing the issue with the latest driver and Expresii 2016-02-22 version. We loaded the program 20 times and no texture issue occurred. Do you have a version of the software or can you send a sample so we can reproduce the bug?

Thank for your effort!  Yes, here's one from Jan:

I loaded this up and it still gives wrong paper texture, like this:

Same machine, with app updated to a Feb version, the texture is now correct:

- Nelson


Hi Nelson,

Every time we run the Jan. version we get "X.exe has stopped working". Is there any support software we need to run the SW? Or anything else we need to run the program? 




Michael, thanks for getting back to me. That "X.exe has stopped working" was probably due to the machine you run it on having no internet connection. I have fixed this issue in a later version - if your test machine can't get online, I'll prepare another version that can show the texture issue but without the internet connection issue.

Hi Nelson,

Most of our test machines are not connected to the Internet. Can you prepare a version without the internet requirement?



Sure, here it is:

I've tested it on my z8700, and it'd show a very regular pattern (incorrect) like this:

instead of a natural-looking fiber (correct) pattern.


Thanks Nelson!


Too bad I found that even with our workaround, sometimes the 'banded-paper-texture' bug would still appear on some of the latest Win10 tablets (intel driver we have testedPlease see the attached screen shot.

Because more and more hardware vendors (HP, Wacom, Toshiba, etc) are using our app for marketing events like this or the up-coming CES Asia, it'd be great if we can get some update from your side. Many thanks!





Downloadimage/png Capture.PNG131.21 KB

Hi All,

We have a fix finally and it should be available the next driver release. 


Thank goodness!

I have been having a hard time supporting my users with Intel GPU on Win10. Lately, there're reports with artifacts like this:  

and even with what looks like to be corrupted data like this:

on Surface Pro 4 /w Intel i7 6650U, Iris 540, Win 10.

Hopefully your fix gets rid of all these issue we're seeing - and then I can recommend Intel GPU to my users! 


btw, look at the impressive ink flow we can do on the Intel-based HP Elite x2 tablet:

It'd make some very good marketing for Intel. Please forward it to your marketing team. :-)

Thanks for the video link Nelson, I will pass along the info to the right marketing team. Hopefully they will want to highlight it. 

I don't have the ETA for the next driver release so I am unsure when it will be available. Microsoft is pretty good about updating to the latest driver so hopefully the next update for SP4 will have it. 


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