Access violation in igdumdim32.dll (HD520 / driver

Access violation in igdumdim32.dll (HD520 / driver


we experience an access violation in our video recording application:
"at address 5EDD43B6 in module igdumdim32.dll. Read of addess 00000008."
This happens only when the Intel Contrast Enhancement is in Disabled state.
Please let me know if there's a fix available,

System Setup Information:

System Used: ACL OR PC LP21
CPU SKU: i5 6300U
Processor Line: U-Series
System BIOS Version: unknown
CMOS settings: unknown
Graphics Driver Version:  v21.20.16.4664 (in fact all since Sep 2016)
GOP/VBIOS Version: unknown
Operating System: Win7 x64
OS Version: Ultimate
API: DirectX / Delphi
Occurs on non-Intel GPUs?: unknown

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Download  and install
2. Connect a video source to the PC
3. Run "MWSConfig" from the startmenu (group "MediaWorkStation")
4. click "configure"

Expected Results:
no crash

Actual Results:

Additional Information:
Intel Contrast Enhancement needs to be disabled.
The problem seems to be connected to setting the video source rectangle in DirectShow.
Driver 2016 Aug (v15.40.28.4501) does not show the problem, but all following driver versions.





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