DX9 VS output (or PS input) attribute corrupted

DX9 VS output (or PS input) attribute corrupted

It's about DX9, hlsl 3, and Intel integrated graphics.
In certain situations, PS reads incorrect values from input attributes (or VS outputs wrong values). I.e. with VS code

def c0, 1, 1, 1, 1
dcl_blendindices7 o7
mov o7, c0

and PS code:

dcl_blendindices7 v7
mov oC0, v7

v7 in PS has invalid data. In my particular case, using other attribute index fixes issue (f.e. dcl_blendindices6).

I've personally reproduced it on Windows 7-x64 with Core i7-3770, HD 4000 with latest drivers (, but we have encountered it on various other Intel integrated graphics & cpu & OS combinations.

I can privately provide GPA frame capture containing this issue, or other information if needed.


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