Intel graphics driver error(or possibly hardware)

Intel graphics driver error(or possibly hardware)

My laptop would crash when it used battery power, and I was able to trace the cause of the crashes to igdkmd64.sys. In addition to the crashes, sometimes the screen would have garbage output for a second or 2. The crashes and graphics errors happened whenever I used battery power, and I tend to only use the laptop for web browsing with Google Chrome. Disabling the Intel Graphics driver in device manager caused a thin black rectangle at the bottom of the screen, and would not allow the NVIDIA driver to detect the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M. I was able to fix the problem by enabling the Intel Graphics driver, and using the NVIDIA settings to require everything to use the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M. I have attached a System Information export file, in hope that it may help fix the problem in the driver. I also added Minidump files.

The driver version was from some time in 2015, and I just noticed(after submitting this report) that there was a driver released in 2017, so I tried to update, and got the error: Error: The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Obtain the appropriate driver from the computer's manufacturer. Setup will exit.
I thus completely uninstalled the driver and installed the latest version. I will be testing the Intel Graphics on battery as often as I can tomorrow to see if the problem has been fixed in the latest version.
Update: I forced it to use Intel Graphics, not NVIDIA, and though it has not yet crashed, the graphics messed up for less than a second, at about 82% battery, 2 hours, 08 minutes estimated left. Thus there is either a hardware problem, which the driver should have detected and avoided triggering, or there is something wrong with the driver. I will continue testing to see if it still crashes.


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To circumvent the error message download latest Intel driver in ZIP format from

Create a system restore point

Install the new driver via "have disk method" as described at:

(ignore prolog about MS surface)


I have downloaded and installed win64_154519.4678.exe, which is the version you suggested. On battery power, I still get whole screen graphics errors that last about 1 second. I have never observed these graphics problems when I forced the computer to only use the NVIDIA GPU. When these whole screen graphics errors occur, there is no event log. So far my computer has not crashed on the latest version of the Intel driver. It has occurred to me that I should attach a monitor so that I can be certain that the whole screen graphics errors are caused by the Intel Graphics rather than bad power management of the monitor, but I have not seen the whole screen graphics errors at all when I forced my laptop to only use the NVIDIA GPU.

I have attached the latest version's Informations Center save file.


It no longer crashes with Intel, and now I see the same graphics problems with the NVIDIA enabled.

The graphics errors no longer appear for NVIDIA again, though they had persisted to appear after I disabled Intel and enabled NVIDIA and rebooted. after a while they went away though.

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