Need for Speed Edge ONLINE with Intel HD 520 driver bug

Need for Speed Edge ONLINE with Intel HD 520 driver bug


HD 520 can run this game (the game havn't exigent requisities)... but idk why The display driver stopped responding and was actually recovered...

this happend with all the drivers. Please fix this :'D

My PC Specs:

i5 6200u / 8gb ram sodimm 2133 mhz / internal graphics: hd 520 / dedicated graphics: gtx 960m

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Open NVIDIA control panel

manage 3D settings

program settings

add program

scroll up/down until you find nfs*.exe

force NVIDIA high performance processor



Otherwise go to

Thanks for your answer. I know that I can play without problems using the GTX960M from control panel. But a friend cant play this game because the driver have this bug (he only have Intel HD 520 Graphics). For this reason I report the bug...



You need to go to the Intel customer support community:

You can report your issue and get support there.  This forum is devoted to game developers working on Intel Graphics.



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