GPA 4: Install Problem

GPA 4: Install Problem

Just downloaded GPA, and for some reason I get this each time I run setup.exe:

I've done everything I can think of to rule out the possibility of another install taking place.

Help, I was looking forward to trying the GPA out!

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Turns out I did in fact have some rogue install processes going, even after a reboot.

GPA installed fine after killing those off.


Glad that you were able to install GPA successfully!

Please let us know about your experiences using the product.




I think I may have run into the same issue myself the other day, and it occured when I was using Microsoft Remote Desktop* to connect to the machine where I was installing Intel GPA. (As you can imagine, I have lots of machines that I use for testing purposes, so Remote Desktop and VNC get lots of usage!).

Though this should be an OK install, I did run into issues where I had to manually kill the installer process even after a reboot.

Does this describe your issue as well? Any info you can provide that would help others from running into the same install issue would be appreciated.



ps-> I have also let our install team know about this; I'll let you know whether there's anything they have to say about the issue

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