GPA 4 and DX9 shader constants?

GPA 4 and DX9 shader constants?

I just tried the latest GPA (4.0.144237) and was surprised to see that the vertex/pixel shader constants are not available from the State tab. Am I just blind? I had to revert back to PIX for Windows to debug that kind of problem.

This is a DX9 app, I don't know if it works with DX10 constant buffers.

In case it's relevant, here is the Monitor's About box info...

Windows 7, 64-bit DEP enabled
Num Processors: 8
Memory: 12271MB
System BIOS: Hewlett-Packard 786G3 v01.17 (08/19/2009)
Video BIOS: Version 62.00.4C.00.08 (03/12/09)
Driver 0:
Device: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260
Provider: NVIDIA
Date: 10-16-2010
VendorId: 10de
ProductId: 5e2
Stepping: a1
No support for GPA Instrumentation
GPA install directory: C:\\Program Files\\Intel\\GPA v4.0\\
GPA version: 4.0.144237
Current user is in Administrators group: YES


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Hello Ben,

Thanks for using GPA!

Yes, the State Tab does not currently show shader constants, but thanks for the suggestion.

I'm discussing this feature with the development team as a possible future enhancement to the product.



On a related note, it is not possible to view the captured input buffers either (vertex/index buffers).

This is a critical feature for us (and I presume many others), without it we cannot debug the very
common "garbage in, garbage out" kind of shader problems :)



I'll add this info to the request.


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