What benefit do I gain by running my game in full-screen mode with GPA?

What benefit do I gain by running my game in full-screen mode with GPA?

Hi, i'm reading Quick Start Guide for GPA. Here i met next text:

>In order to ensure accurate metrics, you'll also want to
disable as
>many other non-essential processes as possible on both
systems (including screen savers), and be sure to run
>the game in
full-screen mode.

I want to aks what's about non-fullscreen applications? Is it just accurate metrics question or samthing else?

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The reason is metrics accuracy.

When you run an application in other than full-screen mode, there is additional overhead for the window manager, since you are measuring both the time for your game plus the time for the window manager. When running in full-screen mode, the window manager does not run.

For most applications the difference is probably not that significant, but using full-screen mode will help ensure that you are really attacking optimization issues within the game itself (and not necessary masked by the time utilized by the window manager).

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OK, thanks for answer Neal.

thanks for the explaination of such an excellent ides.

thanks for sharing wonderful information.
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