Saddle up with Intel GPA on Netbooks

Saddle up with Intel GPA on Netbooks

Hello GPA users! My name is Aaron Davies, and I'm the Marketing Manager for GPA.

Did you know you can use GPA for Intel Atom-based netbooks? Just make sure your netbook has GMA 950or GMA 3150 graphics, and is running either Windows Vista or Windows 7. Be sure youre using the latest version of Intel GPA and the latest version of the graphics driver.

Are you already using GPA for netbook development, or planning on using GPA in the near future for optimizing your netbook app? I invite you to "saddle up" with Intel and let us help you tell your story and market your title to our global audience. We're looking to showcase developers who have optimized for netbooks using GPA.


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A friend of mine is planning to get one. How do i enroll her?Kate

Hello Kate,

First of all, realize that Intel GPA is a tool for graphics developers. If your friend is planning to develop games or other graphics applications on Intel graphics chipsets, Intel GPA should be a great tool for helping her analyze and optimize games on these platforms.

Once she's downloaded the tool, there are a number of resources available to her to help optimize her game -- these can be found on the GPA Home Page.

If she has questions about using the product, she can post these on this site, and we'll help get answers for her.

If she's made some good optimizations through the use of the Intel GPA toolset, we'ld love to hear about this! Have her provide some information about her game and how to contact her, so that Aaron or someone else from the Intel GPA team can contact her.

Hopefully this answered your question.




If you want more details on Intel GPA's support of netbook-based computers, check out this article.



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