Request: Higher Resolution Video Tutorials

Request: Higher Resolution Video Tutorials

Hi Folks,I found the demo video of GPA 3.0 very useful and informative, but it is very hard to see the detail in 480p, is there any way to get the video in high res? If not, could future videos be recorded in a higher resolution?Thanks!Ash

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Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

As to your request for a higher resoltuion version, I'm checking with the production team to see what other formats might be available.

I'm glad that you found the video helpful. By the way, do you have any suggestions for what would be helpful to include in future videos or other online content?



Hi Neal,

I think for new users it would be good to walk through some of the samples, creating them from scratch. Perhaps the TAL_Simple one for people who would like to know about how to integrate TAL trace into their code. Just writing a small amount of code and showing the trace come out in the System Analyser and how it can be used to spot slow parts of code etc.
I also think a video explaining how to interpret various parts of the data in the Platform View of the System Analyser. All the data can be a bit overwhelming for a new user such as myself. A few pointers as to what to look out for and some common scenarios would be helpful. Perhaps a video version of the Smoke demo debugging tutorial?
To be honest, the video showing how easy it could be done was the primary reason Iperseveredtoday and got it working. It's shaping up to be a very useful tool, I find videos a very useful way to get to learn how a product works by seeing someone else using it the way it was designed to be used.

Thanks for your help! I feel quite welcome in the Intel community now!
All the best,Ash

Hello Ash,

I agree that it's a bit difficult to see exactly what's going on, so thanks for the feedback.

I've talked to the production team, and we're looking into what it would take to release the videos in a higher resolution. I don't have an estimate of when they'll be available in HD, but I'll post info on this site when we expect them to become available.



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