Announcing Version 3 of Intel GPA -- latest version is build 117271, released on May 20th, 2010

Announcing Version 3 of Intel GPA -- latest version is build 117271, released on May 20th, 2010

Announcing the availability of a new version of Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel GPA)
Download 3.0 via this link.

Version 3 of Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel GPA) is
now available for download.

This latest release includes a beta
preview for a significant new feature, Intel GPA Platform View, which
provides a task-based analysis of your game; this release also adds
supports for Intel HD graphics-based platforms, the DX10.1 API, 64-bit
game analysis, and a new game launch/connect interface. With the 3.0
release, Intel GPA System Analyzer displays enhanced GPU metrics when
used with Intel HD graphics-based platforms, and Intel GPA Frame
Analyzer includes a new shader analysis tab for fine-tuning your

Refer to this Knowledge Base article
for an overview of the new features in this release.

Also, I've included some important notes about the new release:

  • To use Intel GPA, you must obtain the latest graphics driver from the Intel software download site; this driver contains instrumentation needed for Intel GPA to operate properly. Download the driver by using Microsoft Internet Explorer* to browse to the graphics driver update page. This page runs a script that examines your system configuration, and will update the drivers to the latest version. If the automatic graphics driver update process fails, manually download the graphics driver by browsing to the Intel Download Center, searching for either "G45 Express Chipset" or "HD Graphics" (depending upon the graphics for your configuration), then selecting the latest released driverfor your specific operating system.
  • If you've used a previous version of Intel GPA, note that you no longer use the Intel GPA System Analyzer application to specify which game to launch/analyze. For a process that works on all supported Intel GPA platforms, first start Intel GPA Monitor, then launch the game from within Intel GPA Monitor (right click the icon and select "Run target application"), and then connect to it from within the Intel GPA System Analyzer application.An overview of the new workflow is described in this article (where you can also read about a streamlined workflow available to users of Intel GPA on Microsoft Windows 7* and Microsoft Windows Vista*). Because of this new workflow, we strongly recommend that you first read the Intel GPA Help File for detailed usage information.
  • Frame capture files from previous versions of GPA are notcompatible with this latest version, so you will need to regenerate your frame capture files using this version of Intel GPA and/or keepthe older version of the product around until youno longer need the older frame capture files.

* Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

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Hello all Intel GPA users...

Today the Intel GPA team has released Version 3.0, build 117271. This is an update that adds performance improvements and bug fixes, especially for users of Intel GPA Platform View.

All customers should download and start using this latest build of Intel GPA.



Hi Neal,

The link to the new features knowledge base link doesn't work.

I look forward to giving the new version a try!

All the best,

oops... somehow this got broken, but it's now fixed. thanks for letting me know!



Good stuff - Will try to try this...Kate

Hello Kate,

Thanks for giving GPA a try!

Please let us know what you think!



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