System Analyzer does not show all GPU counters

System Analyzer does not show all GPU counters


I am running the GPA on an ultrabook running Win8. I am trying to utilize the system analyzer. The problem I am facing is that I can only see a few GPU related information (only GPUPower). When I was readying the documents, I saw we get as much counter information as we can get on Platform analyzer traces, but using system analyzer. 

This happens both running the system analyzer on the target machine, as well as running through network.

Do you know what the reason could be? is there a setting I need to check to capture all the GPU counters, live, system wide?


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Note that I am not analyzing an application. I want to do "System Profiling" and get the complete GPU counters.


Thanks for using Intel GPA!

The metrics you see depend upon the specific platform you are using (unfortunately, "Ultrabook" is too generic). So to see your exact configuration (both CPU and GPU), please right-click on the Intel GPA Monitor in the notification tray and copy the "About..." info here. Also, please let me know what build of Win8 you are using, and whether you are running using "classic" or "metro" mode (we don't support "Metro" at this time).

The online help for the product shows what metrics you can expect to see for each configuration (use the "Sv" column):

Also, if you have an Ivy Bridge system, be sure to enable the BIOS option to see all the metrics available for your system. Using the link in the previous paragraph, see the note at the top of the page for how to modify the BIOS to see the full set of metrics.

Hope this helps!



Hi Neal,

Very useful link, thanks! I am using Intel HD3000 and under Sv mode, there is no GPU counters available. I wish there was!



Glad the documentation helps.

Unfortunately the architecture of the Sandy Bridge systems (such as your HD3000 system) cannot support the extra metrics that are available with Ivy Bridge (HD4000 and HD2500).



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