Crash analyzing a frame

Crash analyzing a frame

Hey there,

I'm getting a crash trying to analyze a frame in the Frame Analyzer (I've attached the frame to this thread, along with my PC info). The only message I'm getting is :

An unexpected error occurred.

Any ideas what's going wrong here?

Thanks for the help!

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I'm getting a similar error loading this file as well. Let's see what the development team finds with this file.

However, I suspect the file contains bad data, which means we'll need a copy of the app which you used to create this file.



ps-> by the way, do you get any errors from DX when running this app (that is, does this app run "clean" when using debug mode with DX?).

Hi Neal,

Yeah the app runs clean in debug mode, I bail out on any DirectX errors.

I've attached a copy of the application, you won't see much when you run it... trying to set up deferred rendering at the moment and have a problem with the quad renderer I'm using when rendering a directional light.


I figured out part of the problem with the shader I've been using; the pixel shader didn't like me using POSITION as an input semantic for the vertex position - modifed it to SV_POSITION.

I'm not sure if that's the issue I've been having with GPA, I'll test it out when I get home tonight.


Oliver S. wrote:

modifed it to SV_POSITION.

Looks like that was the issue, I can capture and analyze frames without any problems after the modifications to my vertex/pixel shader.


Glad this now works... I'm assuming that I should close this issue?

Thanks again for using Intel GPA.



ps-> I've downloaded your app and removed it from the site.

Hi Neal,

Yeah close away!


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