[Suggestion] add normalize visualization for textures

[Suggestion] add normalize visualization for textures


This is a suggestion to help debugging textures, rendertargets and depth buffers.

When working with R16G16B16A16 formats (or depth buffer) that large scales of values, It can be very common to have very low values, or values that are spreaded to a non viewable range (e.g. [-5, 10.0] or [0.0f, 0.005]) but it would be very very handy to have a way to just hit a checkbox on texture visualizer and have the texture visualized as renormalize values to [0.0, 1.0f]

This normalize option should be accessible for RenderTargets, texture as shader inputs and for depth buffers as well.


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Thanks for the suggestion! I'll pass this onto the development team for consideration for a future release.



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