how to show the shader source code in GPA or Nsight

how to show the shader source code in GPA or Nsight

i precompiled and saved all DX9 shaders into a BIN file which was loaded at runtime to avoid shader compiling .when i dragged the exe to GPA or Nsight i could only see the assembly which mad the debugging a little difficult.

Does any one know how to show hlsl in such debugging tools, should i compile the shader with some specific flag or function ??

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GPA shows shader source automatically only when shaders are compiled at runtime. 
But you may use "Replace File" button in shader tab and manually assign shaders. 
Also there is "Settings" button in lower right corner of Shader Tab for setting Includes/Defines/Shader entry point. 
Also do not forget to press "Apply" button when shader replacement is done.

so it is imposible to do this work automatically, i wonder how could GPA get the shader source code when the shaders are compiled at runtime, Does it hook the shader compiling function and store the code when the application pass therir hlsl code to D3D function as parameter? thanks~~

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