How to capture multiple frames in succession and play back in GPA Frame Analyzer?

How to capture multiple frames in succession and play back in GPA Frame Analyzer?

This is a novice level question.I have read the documentation many times but I just cant find the correct answer for it.

Further, how do I initiate the capture based keyboard commands, for ex. when I press Ctrl + A frame captures should start and

when I press Ctrl + S, GPA monitor should just stop capturing the frames.

After that, how do I play back the all the frames (back to back) in succession in GPA Frame analyzer?

Documentation provides no clues whatsover.

Any help will be appreciated.

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GPA does not have a mechanism to collect a sequence of frames back to back.  What is the use case you are looking to achieve?

I am trying to capture a scene/multiple frames on one set of hardware configuration/combination and render/replay it on set of another one.Something similar that can be achieved by MS DXSDK tool called PIX.

I'll keep this in mind as a reature request.  From a performance analysis perspective, we tend to focus on single frames rather than a sequence of frames because the replay of the frame for performance metrics is done in real-time versus saved in the capture.  This means that if you were looking at using a sequence of back-to-back frame captures to compare performance, those frames won't be entirely different if the scene isn't changing very rapidly so performance analysis of one frame would be similar to that of the others.  It's possible this presumption doesn't hold true for all cases, but that's generally what we see in games.

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