GPA crashes when number of draw calls is huge

GPA crashes when number of draw calls is huge


I have written a test application that makes LOTS of draw calls and it crashes after some time only when I both GPA monitor automatic detection enabled and I am in release mode.

I may be totally wrong but it looks like a CPU/GPU sync issue involving some (ring-)buffer that is too small or GPA is running out of memory (?) The error is not very meaningful, it just says "Runtime Error! This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in a unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information".

I noticed that if reduce the amount of draw calls the crash does not happen or happens later.
- with 65535 draw calls, the crash happens after a few seconds
- with 10000 draw calls, the crash happens after like 10-15 seconds
- with 1000 draw calls, the crash happenned after like 30 seconds (as it's a test it is faster for the CPU to send 1000 draw calls than it would be in a real application so even in this case I guess I am CPU-limited).

The bug does not happen in DEBUG (so slow that I'm certainly CPU-limited)
inserted a "Sleep(10)" in my code before rendering stuff to slow down CPU stuff, and had no crash anymore (obviously not the solution) 

This time I can provide code if needed to help reproduce this crash.

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"even in this case I guess I am CPU-limited" => I meant "GPU limited" sorry


Oops... somehow the auto-notify option for forum activity got disabled for my system. My apologies for the late response.

First of all, can you print the Intel GPA Monitor's "About..." info from that option in the notification tray?




In parallel, can you send me a copy of the exe (you can send it via a private msg if you want).



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