Multiple instances of Frame Analyzer

Multiple instances of Frame Analyzer

I'm using GPA to analyze different techniques in various shaders.  It would be a huge productivity boost if I was able to have multiple instances of the Frame Analyzer side by side so that I could really get a good picture of how and where variations of a shader have performance differences.

I have been able to open a frame in the analyzer, disconnect the monitor, then open a second instance of the analyzer which reconnects the monitor, and have a different capture file open in the second instance.  With this work around I can freely use all the data in the second analyzer, and can scroll through any open tabs in the first, but changing any tabs in the first instance causes it to close.

I've searched a bit through these forums, and the only mention of multiple instances of Frame Analyzer that I can find is in this thread



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Thanks for your feedback on ways that Intel GPA can help improve your productivity. I've forwarded your comments to the development team for consideration in a future version of the product.

By the way, I'm assuming that you want to use all features in both invocations of the tool, including potentially editing the shaders in both windows?



absolutely...and thanks for the quick reply!

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