Does Intel GPA support Linux OS GPU workload analyzing?

Does Intel GPA support Linux OS GPU workload analyzing?


I can't find any download links about intel GPA tool for Linux OS GPU workload analyzing?
Only for Android analyzing but install on Ubuntu. 

We'd like to develop video transcoder on Ubuntu by using Intel Media SDK Linux server, and run multiple transcoders simultaneously. So we'd like to know the limitation of GPU. Does Intel GPA support Linux OS GPU workload analyzing? 

In addition to this, we also holp that we can get the GPU load inside application. I know this question has been proposed and understood there has no way. Does there have any suggestion to help me solve this.

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Unfortunately, Intel GPA does not analyze Linux OS workloads. We only support the analysis of Windows DirectX and Android OpenGL ES workloads.

Also, as you've noticed, there is no API access within Intel GPA for GPU load. There is a power analysis tool that looks like it works on Linux, and though it doesn't provide GPU load metrics there is an API that provides other GPU metrics that may be useful.

Hope this helps!



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