Intel GPA and Autodesk Revit

Intel GPA and Autodesk Revit

I'm investigating performance related problems with Autodesk Revit, and can't get Intel GPA to work.  It will attach, but it only seems to profile the toolbar "custom" buttons and not the primary workspace.  Any suggestions on how to get this to work?

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When you have multiple D3D devices, you can select which device is analyzed by using the Ctrl+F5 keyboard shortcut to have Intel GPA rotate through the various D3D devices.

If this doesn't work, then please let us know more about your configuration. Specifically, please right-click the Intel GPA Monitor icon in the notification tray and print the contents of the "About..." menu option.




Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately, I'm still unable to switch to the Revit workspace.  See screenshot, the HUD appears when you toggle the upper-left Revit pulldown menu, and updates the FPS rate in GPA System Analyzer when you mouse-over the buttons (Save, Save as, etc).   I need to profile the main workspace.   When you activate the pulldown menu, it registers the "Mode" keyboard command to toggle the HUD on and off, so I expect it is also receiving the "profiled DX Device" request, but it doesn't change.

One thing, I think Autodesk may be using a mix of DX9 for the menus and DX10/11 for the workspace, would this make a difference?

App under test is Revit 2014.

Windows 7 build 7601, 64-bit DEP enabled
Num Processors: 4
Memory: 12285MB
System BIOS: Dell Inc. A17 (05/28/2013)
Video BIOS: Version 80.06.3C.00.50  (12/18/12)
Driver 0:
     Device: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti
     Provider: NVIDIA
     Date: 12-19-2013
     VendorId: 10de
     ProductId: 11c6
     Stepping: a1
     No support for GPA Instrumentation
GPA install directory: C:\Intel\INDE\GPA\2014 R2\
GPA version: 14.2.221091
Current user is in Administrators group: YES
Current GPA 2014 R2 (14.2.221091)


Downloadimage/png Revit_GPA_01.png554.67 KB

I don't know about this specific tool, but GPA does not typically work with applications that perform rendering based on draw calls of the frame that have changed ("dirty") while leaving the other elements constant.  AutoCAD, for example, does this, where the entire frame is not redrawn, only changed elements, which is not supported by GPA.  It's possible that this tool does the same thing.

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