Intel GPA for CentOS ?

Intel GPA for CentOS ?


Is there Intel GPA for CentOS (Intel's OS recommendation with media sdk server)  ?



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Hi Ran, 

Intel GPA support Ubuntu 14.04 officially. Unfortunately we do not officially support CentOS, but I have heard from others that our bits work just fine on CentOS.  

Have you tried using the Ubuntu binaries on CentOS yet?




I have a server with Intel Xeon E3-1585L v5 and Intel Iris Pro P580 GPU. I installed the driver and application ffmpeg. The H264 encoder is working. BUT! I can not watch the GPU load. - Itel-gpu-tool does not work. GPA is not for this system. And how to be? 

How can I watch the load of the GPU?

Hi Vahe,

Try this to enable media metrics collection so you can watch the load via GPA:

1. Launch Monitor

2. Right click on the sys tray icon

3.  Click on Profiles

4.  Click on the Tracing tab

5.  Make sure Enable Tracing is checked

6.  Also, make sure 'Collect DMA packet type' is checked

7.  Reboot


Let me know if this helps.

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