Heavy Profiler Impact on Application

Heavy Profiler Impact on Application

I'm working with a fairly heavy application that is able to render at 60-90FPS on average. Whenever running this same application through the graphics monitor for analysis, I notice that overall application performance heavily tanks, dropping to an average of 24-25FPS. This is an OpenVR application with asynchronous and interleaved projection options turned off.

I was wondering if this is at all common, or if there's a set tracing options that are more expensive than others. It appears that this performance drop happens whenever tracing is enabled, even if all of the other metrics are disabled.

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Hi Ray, 

Sorry that you are running into this much over head, we have fixes in the works to support this but we would like to have some more in-depth conversations on the data you are wanting to collect which could help us with optimizing this solution. 

I sent you my email address in a private message. Let's start the conversation there. :)



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