gpa_17.1_release_308306_x64_standalone reports unsigned driver

gpa_17.1_release_308306_x64_standalone reports unsigned driver

Today i installed GPA on a fresh Windows 10 creators update.

Installer complains about unsigned GPA metric collection driver.

Can't remember that this happened with Windows 10 anniversary update.

What's up with that?


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same problem please help


Seven months later - same error in gpa_17.4_release_317348_x64_standalone.msi


Hey Stefan, 

Are you able to launch GPA at all? Or does this not allow you to install GPA? What is the configuration of your machine and have you recently updated your graphics driver?

Hi Giselle,

i can install and run GPA.

What is metric collection actually good for?

Everything on my rig is up-to-date.

I attach a report from Intel SSU.




Downloadtext/plain ssu_22DEC2017_stefan.txt375.12 KB

Hi Stefan,

Are you able to capture a frame or trace (that has proper data) with this problem? Metric collection is what will give you meaningful data about your application: GPU/CPU data as well as a whole slew of other data collected at capture.


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