Using run_app --tracing on Ubuntu

Using run_app --tracing on Ubuntu

Hey there,

I am really interested in checking out the new tracing output that can be opened in the Chrome trace viewer (I am also looking at Intel SEAP in that regard), but I am having troubles getting any data to look at. I am running Ubuntu 16.04.

I am trying to follow this guide:

This guide says "run_app -s <application-name> [-tracing]" under "Step 1: Launch the application for analysis using run_app console application", but looking at the output of run_app -h, shouldn't this actually be "run_app --tracing -s <application-name>" ?

Secondly, I am running run_app on a remote machine, and connecting the system analyser from a different machine. the connection works, I can see the standard graphics metrics running. Now, how do I find the actual trace file that I can process with TraceViewer? Is tracing disabled in the remote scenarios, despite the "--tracing" argument passed to run_app?

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I managed to get a trace when running everything locally (using run_app --tracing -s glxgears, for example). However, in TraceViewer, when opening the trace, the application shows "Opening..." and stays there forever... when I have a *.sea trace ready, any way I can convert this to the chrome trace format manually?

Hey Heinrich,

I'm sorry you're having trouble opening up a trace file. To better understand your issue, could you provide me with the GPA version that you currently have installed? I'll talk to my engineering team to determine how we could possibly convert your .sea file to a Google* trace file.

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