How to see ISA in Graphics frame analyzer

How to see ISA in Graphics frame analyzer

Graphics Frame analyzer has checkbox with HLSL, DXBC and ISA options. When I select ISA it shows me

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Is there any way to see the ISA?

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Hi Ruslan,

First of all, thank you for using Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers for your profiling and optimization needs. I'm sorry you're running into issues looking as your shader ISA. Could you first send me the About Info for your frame by copying the info from the  icon in the top right corner. You can either copy this information or save it to a file and attach it to your response. Make sure you have the frame in question open so I get the details of it as well.

Hi Giselle, 

File Name: test_2018_04_26__18_29_58
App Name: test.exe
API: DirectX 11.1
Resolution: 1600x900
Capture GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (0x13c2)
Frame Number: 280

Capture/Playback System Information
Operating System:
    Name: Windows 10 (build 16299)
    Locale: ru-RU
    Windows Developer Mode enabled
    Secure Boot/Trusted Boot is disabled

CPU Information:
    Architecture: x64
    Cores count: 4

System BIOS:
    Version: American Megatrends Inc. F7
    Date: 04/22/2015

Video BIOS:
    Version: Version 
    Date: 01/04/15

GPU #1 Information:
    Name: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series
    Vendor id: 0x1002
    Product id: 0x683D
    Driver Version: 23.20.15025.1004
    Driver Date: 2-19-2018

GPU #2 Information:
    Name: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600
    Vendor id: 0x8086
    Product id: 0x412
    Stepping: 6
    Driver Version:
    Driver Date: 10-16-2017

GPU #3 Information:
    Name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
    Vendor id: 0x10DE
    Product id: 0x13C2
    Stepping: 161
    Driver Version:
    Driver Date: 3-15-2018

    Name: HALFSKY
    Memory: 16239 MB
    Screen: 3840x2160, 32 bit

Graphics Performance Analyzers
    Version: 18.1.320246

If you are playing the frame capture back on Intel® hardware, the ISA should automatically be present when selecting it from the dropdown menu. Make sure you select Intel® hardware before opening the frame, as it is potentially defaulting to your AMD* GPU. You cannot change the playback hardware once the frame is open, you will have to go back to the home screen, then select the GPU, then open the frame.

I select Intel GPU before opening playback. Moreover, if I select AMD GPU frame analyzer shows me GCN ISA.

Hey Ruslan, 

Could you possibly send me screenshots of what exactly you're seeing? Feel free to block out anything you don't want to share or send it to me as a private message.

Hi Giselle, here it is


Downloadimage/png screenshot.png233.46 KB

So I notice that hotspot mode is also not showing up in the top-left corner... are you able to see the 3D Pipeline on the right-hand side of the window? Where metrics are also presented?

I have just reset to default layout, and now I can see metrics.


Downloadimage/png metrics0.png291.6 KB
Downloadimage/png metrics1.png299.34 KB
Downloadimage/png metrics2.png311.08 KB

Hey Ruslan,

Looking at these screenshots, it looks like you are not playing back on Intel hardware. I say this because the hotspot mode button and 3D pipeline view are both missing. Both of these features are Intel hardware specific. 

Can you send me a screenshot of the main menu (before you open the frame)?

here it is


Downloadimage/png screenshot1.png376.77 KB

I tried another PC, and here 3D Pipeline is available, but ISA is still missing. And looks like hotspot button is missing too


Downloadimage/png screenshot2.png240.04 KB
Downloadimage/png screenshot3.png365.47 KB
Downloadimage/png screenshot4.png1017.47 KB

Another one PC, here ISA is available. I see difference between "About info". On my PC there is no line "Supports GPA Instrumentation", another two PCs has it. Maybe ISA availability depends on GPU model and/or driver version?

My PC has HD Graphics 4600 with driver 

Second one PC has HD Graphics 520 with driver

Third one - UHD Graphics 630 with driver This one has the latest driver and GPU and ISA is available


Downloadimage/png third_pc1.png265.43 KB
Downloadimage/png third_pc2.png350.18 KB

Hi Ruslan,

Nice catch! The two other GFX cards do have out of date drivers. The HD 520 should be on the same version as your UHD 630, and the 4600 should be on version, this is the latest driver version for that GFX card. I would recommend downloading the new drivers for each out of date graphics card. Let me know if this fixes the issue.

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