Interpreting the GPU Busy metric

Interpreting the GPU Busy metric

While recently investigating a performance problem with Intel GPA, I came across some metrics numbers that don't completely make sense to me based on my reading of the documentation. Specifically, I'm seeing numbers greater than 100% for the "GPU Busy" metric and I'm curious what this means.

A screen capture of a recent GPA session that demonstrates this has been attached. As you can see in this image the minimum "GPU Busy" value is 0, the current value is, 69.2k, and the maximum value is 4.78M. I believe I've also seen results like this for other metrics whose values represent percentages though I haven't created any screen captures of those.

Can anyone shed any light on how to interpret a percentage metric like "GPU Busy" with these values?




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Hey Thayer,

Could you send me (either here on in a private message) the "About Info" for your device (can be found when you select the button with an "i" in it, in the upper right of Graphics Monitor). 

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