Samsung Galaxy s6 edge+ Connectivity issue with System Analyzer 2019

Samsung Galaxy s6 edge+ Connectivity issue with System Analyzer 2019

Hi.I am using System analyzer to optimize games.When i open it and i have my samsung device connected with laptop on USB mode.But system analyzer doesn't gives any option of IP address of device.Can someone help me to connect my device with it?

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Have you installed Android SDK Platform Tools on your system? If not, you'll need to download and install the SDK, then provide the path to the platform tools directory in System Analyzer's setting tab.

Once this has been installed you'll need to make sure that your phone has been enabled for debugging.

After you've done both of these things you should be able to connect the device to your computer and have GPA automatically detect your Android device.


Thanks for reply.Yes i have fone that and now its giving option of connect.When i connect it it gives error "Device error:Install failed No Matching ABIS".How to solve it plz can u tell?

I have searched it on google and it only says to select arm v7 in unity other options.But still its giving the same error with debugging mode activated on device.Please guide me through to this issue  

Unfortunately, this is because we only support Android devices with Intel chipsets inside.

Oh thats a drawback of it.Because to analyze it on devices we have to buy a device which has intel chipset.How could everyone do that.

It is a set back for those who are profiling Android devices, but that is the current limitation we face as a tool.

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