win10 can not open dx9 gpa_frame files

win10 can not open dx9 gpa_frame files


I capture a frame using DX9 with 18.3 and 19.1 version of GPA in win10 computers.

The capture worked (ctrl-shift-C) and I see a file saved with the .gpa_frame extension in the Docs/GPA folder.

But if I try to open it with the Frame Analyzer I get this error:

"An unexpected error occurred.".

I tried more times to reopen the frame, but without success.

And I have tried in other win10 computer, the same error occured.

But it works well opening dx9 gap_frame files in win7 computer.

How can I solve this problem?

Attachment is the info of my computer.



Downloadtext/plain pc-info.txt980 bytes
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Hey Jynne,

Are you able to share the frame you took with me through private message? I'd love to try this on a similar machine with a more recent build of Windows 10.

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