Launching Uplay Application

Launching Uplay Application

I have been trying to launch Rainbow Six Siege through GPA for a few hours now to no success. While i was downloading the game I was able to collect some data but now i am unable to have the GPA appear at all. Once i click on the start option it launches the game before stopping and allowing for the game to continue launching. Is there any way i am able to fix this?

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Flynn - do you launch Rainbow Six Siege through a client (Steam, Blizzard, etc.)? If so, you need to inject GPA into the client, not into your game, and then launch the game while GPA is injected into your client.

The instructions vary depending on your OS and whether you are using GPA via command line or the GPA tool suite. Here are a couple of options:

If neither of these scenarios fits and you are using a launcher, cruise through our Developer Guide to find your configuration.


Oh - there it is - in the title - Uplay . . .

Try this:

  1. Make sure the client application is closed fully before starting your capture in Graphics Monitor
  2. Select the client (Uplay) executable and folder location of the executable in Graphics Monitor
  3. Press the start button which will start the capture
  4. Launch your game through the client and GPA should be injected into the application.

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