Terrain basics

Terrain basics

Hi, how do I get my character to follow my exported terrain?
The documentation implies that it happens by default but it doesn't in my case.
The terrain is exported as a rigid body. Is there something in the character export that could be wrong?
I can't troubleshoot with the demo terrain since it's in another coordinate system.


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hi oharann,

Nothing is completely automatic :). I would recommend looking in two places. First, in the HBT docs under "Getting Started/Exporting from the Havok Content Tools" look for Exporting Terrain section. This will tell you how to get the terrain out of the content tools pipeline correctly.

You then need to have this in the terrains folder of your project. Inside HBT, right click and make it "Active in Viewport."

Now you need to setup your character in a way that they will interact with the terrain. There has to be some physics going on, otherwise it's just two render meshes going through each other. Look at Tutorial 05 / Lesson 03 - 05. It introduces one good way of doing this, Foot IK.

Let me know if this helps,

Hi , thank you for your reply.
I have the terrain set up as a rigid body (type mesh and 0 mass) and exported from Maya with 'create rigid bodyand 'create world'.
Im guessing that my problem is the way I set up my character since the demo character interacts with "his" environment without FootIK or any other visible modifier or Proxy. Even when I disable the ragdoll on him and theres no visible connection from the character to the environment, it still works.
Thats why I assumed it was more automatic and I would like to achive similar results.
I have managed to get the FootIK to interact with the terrain but the rest of the character still slides through at Y 0.


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