How to setup Havok Content Tools with 3ds Max?

How to setup Havok Content Tools with 3ds Max?

Hey all.

I've spent ages trying to work out the required process to get Havok Content Tools to work within 3ds Max (I have 2010 and 2012) - but I am completely confused about everything.

I have downloaded: Havok Content Tools for Game Artists and Designers (2010.2.0, 64-bit)

The file I get is: HavokPcXsContentTools_X64_2010-2-0_20101115

This file doesn't have a file extension, and I'm just stumped as to what to do with it??!?!?!

I'm wanting to export edited Skyrim animations in 3ds Max and have been told the only proper way of doing this is by using Havok Content Tools, but I can't. I'm currently stuck with non-Havok partially working .NF files instead.

I've scoured the net for any guides or help and have come up with nothing whatsoever.

I'm kinda urgently needing this as I've just joined a modding group, but I can't progress with the modding until this gets sorted. So can anyone tell me what I need to do please? I'd thoroughly appreciate the help.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi largestyle,

should be the executable to install the 2010.2.0 64-bit Havok Content Tools.

What is the size of this file? It
should be approximately 226 MB. If it's smaller than that theres a chance you
encountered some issue when downloading it.

Try to re-download the file again
see if that helps.


Nick S.
Developer Support Engineer

as far as i know the file that you have downloadedHavokPcXsContentTools_X64_2010-2-0_20101115 is already an executable file . but can you tell me what was the size of that file.i can figure it out how to execute that file.

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