FPS - different damage depending of collision area

FPS - different damage depending of collision area

I would like to know what is the best way of giving more damage to a NPC if i shoot it in the head.
A ragdoll could be to heavy.
Any sugestions?

Thanks in advance!

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There's a bunch of ways to approach this and you'll have to pick the one that works best for you.

You could try using a phantom or a trigger volume.
A phantom is basically just an aabb that you'd place at your NPC's head position, then you can say do a raycast against it to simulate the path of a bullet, or test whether objects have collidied with it.
A trigger volume is roughly similar but lets you use any shape not just an aabb.
Check out the Physics/UseCase/TriggerVolume and Physics/Api/Dynamics/Phantoms demos.

Alternatively, you could just do an asynchronous shape query.
This is a one-off collision/casting query on an arbitrary shape, so you'd set up your 'head' shape yourself and then query whether a 'bullet ray' is passing through it, or any objects in the world have collided with it.
See the Physics/Api/Collide/AsynchronousQueries/ demos.


Thanks for your quick reply.
What do you mean by Set up the head?

All I mean is to place your 'head' shape at the appropriate world position that represents the NPC head when doing the collision or raycasting query.


Ah ok mate.

Thank youvery much!

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