Need help with hkxMesh

Need help with hkxMesh

I've been working with Havok SDK for few days and I'm a bit confused.Why are 90% of the classes missing setter functions?Anyhow, I would preally appreciate it if someone can show me the best way toadd polygons to hkxMesh, and attach it to the scene.Thank you.

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hkxMesh is a scene data class, part of the content tools pipeline.
Scene data is exported from 3d modellers like 3dsMax, Maya or XSI (using the Havok content tools which are provided with the free PC XS download of Havok).
Typically scene data is not used by Havok at runtime, but only exists as an intermediate step in the pipeline.

If for whatever reason you're set on using these at runtime and/or building the mesh in code you could try making your own interface to add hkxMeshSections. In that case you'll need to construct your own vertex and index buffers.

Maybe start by looking at hkGeometry, which is a simple triangle mesh where each triangle consists of 3 indices into a vertex array.

The reason why Havok doesn't have get/set methods for all classes is probably mostly to do with keeping code size down.
Also, having private and protected members is often a nuisance, especially when debugging.
Some 'public' parts of the interface are intended to be public and some are really intended to be private, but marked public for convenience and customizability.


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