CharacterRagdoll failed to initialize

CharacterRagdoll failed to initialize

Hi again there,

In trying to create a character ragdoll using the utility "RagdollDemoCharacter"

when i call the constructor

"RagdollCharacterFactory* m_factory = new RagdollCharacterFactory( RagdollCharacterFactory::CHARACTER_TYPE_HAVOK_GIRL );"

shows an errorpointing to"const hkaSkeleton* ragdollSkeleton = set->m_ragdollInstance->getSkeleton();"

what is worng ???

can somebody help me please...


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Hey michaelguerra,

What kind of error are you getting? Are you seeing any asserts (specifically while trying to load the ragdoll)? It looks like there likely a problem in loading the asset, or perhaps necessary class files aren't registered to specify how to correctly deserialize the file.


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Hey Chris,

Thanks for answer,the error is a assert when calls the function,
I would know how use this util to implement, and create a characterRagdoll
I have looking the GDC 2005 Demo,
And I want to implement it to my project, but how to set a better collision detection
because the character in gdc2005demo across walls when it walk... ?
thanks for your attention......

If you could give more info on the assert (ie: from the output window of the debugger), I can probably isolate this a bit more. Is it a system assert (ie: null pointer, invalid memory, etc.), or a Havok assert? Were there any Havok warnings printed beforehand? Also, please ensure you are linking against Havok debug libraries so that warnings/asserts are enabled.

Regarding the character being able to walk across walls, you can probably tune this behavior to your liking by specifying a lower value for hkpCharacterPRoxyCinfo::m_maxSlope. The docs have some good info on the various tweakable properties on character controllers to setup the behavior you're looking for.


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