setTransformAt function?

setTransformAt function?

Similar to approxTransformAt, is there a function with which we can set the transform at a particular time.

The function would look like this:: void setTransformAt(hkTime time, const hkTransform &transformIn) ;

This would be especially useful in client-server games.
Since server has the final say, when the client gets an updated transformation from the server, the client would just blindly set the server's transformation at a particular time.

When we do finally interpolate on the client, by calling approxTransformAt, we're actually taking the server's transformation into account. This would simplify lot of processing required on the client side.

I looked in the docs and I didn't find anything. Is there any function that does this?

Also, which is the best place to start in the documentation & demos, to learn about networking?

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